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Project management

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The acquisition of any eLearning MODULE gives FREE access to the other 8 modules (400 courses).

In today’s digital world, work is planned and executed through mission-based teams. As a result, project and program management skills are more necessary and more in demand than ever before.

Project Managers need skills across many dimensions in order to maintain project momentum, spur team engagement, manage change, overcome conflict, use judgment and decisiveness, and ultimately bring projects across the finish line on budget, on time and within scope.

Sample list of course topics:

  • Finding Your Bearings as a Project Manager
  • Getting the Big Picture by Defining the Project’s Scope and Team
  • Mastering the Details of a Project’s Schedule and Budget
  • Managing a Project to Minimize Risk and Maximize Quality
  • Navigating through Changes and Conflicts in Projects
  • Taking Final Steps to Bring a Project to its Close
  • New Project Manager Essentials
  • Defining a Project Scope and Team
  • Creating a Project Schedule and Budget
  • Plan a Bulletproof Project
  • Lead Your Project Like a Pro
  • Complete Your Project On-time and On-budget
  • Project Management Overview (2017 Update)
  • Project Planning and Risk Management (2017 Update)
  • Project Quality and Control (2017 Update)
  • Start, Direct, and Initiate Projects (2017 Update)
  • Control, Manage, and Close Projects (2017 Update)
  • Adopting for your Project Environment (2017 Update)

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