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The acquisition of any eLearning MODULE gives FREE access to the other 8 modules (400 courses).

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The acquisition of any eLearning MODULE gives FREE access to the other 8 modules (400 courses).

This module is designed to meet the leadership needs of the modern organization.

It is a flexible, cost-effective solution designed to help organizations fill their leader pipeline, build capable leaders early in their careers, support leaders through critical transition points, and develop even tenured leaders in emerging digital leadership competencies.

Sample list of course topics:

  • Measuring Outcomes and Using KPIs
  • Choosing and Preparing Your Delegate
  • Getting What You Expect from Your Delegate
  • Taking Your Team to the Next Level with Delegation
  • Achieve Your Objectives through Effective Delegation
  • The Delegation Process
  • Successful Delegation: Supervise and Encourage
  • Use Delegation to Develop Your Team
  • Facilitating Sustainable Change
  • Moving Forward with Change Planning
  • Making Change Stick
  • The Keys to Sustainable Change
  • Planning for Change
  • Implementing and Sustaining Change
  • Building the Foundation for an Effective Team
  • Developing a Successful Team
  • Encouraging Team Communication and Collaboration
  • Handling Team Conflict
  • Leading a Cross-functional Team
  • Motivating Your Employees
  • Communicating Vision to Your Employees
  • Leading through Positive Influence
  • Leveraging Emotional Intelligence
  • Key Elements of Business Execution
  • Building a Leadership Development Plan
  • Aligning Unit Goals and Imperatives
  • Becoming an Inspirational Leader
  • Assessing Your Own Leadership Performance
  • Developing Your Business Acumen
  • Gaining Insight through Organizational Awareness
  • Gauging Your Organization’s High-performing Potential
  • Managing for Cross-functionality
  • Managing Your Company’s Talent
  • Managing the Unique Needs of Experts
  • Fostering Mentoring Relationships
  • Being an Effective Manager When Times Are Tough
  • Managing Motivation during Organizational Change
  • How to Manage Difficult Conversations
  • Driving Change with Coaching
  • Measuring and Sustaining a Coachee’s Performance
  • Beginning Your Coaching Engagement
  • Coaching Techniques that Drive Change

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